Art in the 20th Century

A interesting topic I have been thinking about recently is the evolution of all art forms through the 20th century and beyond. Every art form, as far as I know, just got real weird in the early or mid-20th century. Painting got really weird. Music got really weird. The visual arts got really weird. All […]

Long Time No Post

It’s been a long time since I have posted. A really, really long time since I have posted. I have no good excuse, it’s because I was lazy. I can barely bring myself to write music everyday, let alone blog. And I am going on vacation tomorrow so I wont be able to post regularly […]

The Long Road is out now!

In case you were unaware, my first album, The Long Road came out July 4th! You can listen to it for free at You can download the entire album for only $1. So please, if you enjoy it, share it and download it so I can write more albums in the future. More posts […]

TLR Update #3

Sorry for the lack of post lately. I have been busy recently, busy procrastinating! But regardless, good news. Track 7 is finished as of today, two full days ahead of schedule. It’s funny because 4 days ago I scrapped the original piece I was working on and went back to the drawing board and finished […]

“New” Music and New Music

I have eluded before that I hate elitism in music and in arts in general. I hate the idea that atonal, minimalism, etc, are for “smart” people only. Only the educated and the privileged can enjoy these pieces. Arts should be enjoyed by everyone, and often it is the average, not-trained-in-a-normal-way person that pushes the […]

The Long Road – A Full Explanation

Hey everyone. Sorry for no post yesterday. Far Harbor for Fallout 4 came out yesterday so I spent a irresponsible amount of time playing it, when I should of been writing or blogging. Regardless, I’m going to go into detail with the artisitic inspriation for The Long Road, because I don’t think I have done […]