Hired to Write for a Game/Album Update

I use the term hired lightly. I was asked to work on this new game, but still exciting nonetheless. I am actually really excited for this opportunity. It will give me the chance to implement the things I learned at GSC, like interactive music and working in a DAW and maybe a little bit of mid-ware. And also, I am going to have two games on my resume after my first semester in college ends. Depending on how everything goes with the rest of the semester, I think I will feel comfortable putting myself out there and finding some work with some indie developers. This is awesome, the thought of “being in the industry” before finishing my first year of college really excites me. That just increases my chances of being able to do this for a living after I graduate.

Sadly, all this work is pushing my album farther and farther back. I still want to release on schedule but I am only on song 3 of 10. The scope of this album is much larger than I anticipated, which is fine. This is my first album and my first experience trying to operate within a schedule so I’m just learning more and more about my ability to work with a deadline and the amount of work I am able to handle. My work ethic could be better though. I am goofing off pretty often and that’s not helping anyone. On the bright side, I am making great strides on song #3, so hopefully I can have that soon within the next week. I always want to stress quality over speed, so if my album is not ready when January 1st rolls around, I won’t release it. If I plan on selling this to people then it damn well be the best representation of my work. I plan on detailing my album once the album art is finished, and that point I will also release my first single on to soundcloud. Can you believe it’s been 3 months since I published my last track? I feel like I am doing a disservice to my followers when I don’t publish anything.

Anyway, from now on I am going to write a blog post a day, but knowing how I normally handle habits I will probably do it for 3 days and then give up or get to lazy. We will see how that turns out.


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