I sit here sad, still, although 3 days have passed since the tragedy in Paris on 11/13/15. I realized today just how small our world truly is. A CSULB student was murdered during one of the shootings on Friday  in France. Although I never met her and even if she were still alive I still probably wouldn’t have met her, it’s sad to have my college community so closely affected from a tragedy that transpired from halfway around the world. I feel like everyone in the world has been affected one way or another by this tragedy. I hope that the world does not fall into fear after a terrible attack like this. We must remain strong and hopeful that things will get better. This event has brought the world closer together. There was a picture of Obama and Putin talking at the G20 meeting in Turkey and both leaders want to take action against ISIS. People around the world gather and pay respect to those in Paris. It really shows that the petty arguments that different countries or political parties get into are not that important. We are all human and we should all work together to bring out the best of the world. I feel a political rant coming on so I’m going to cut it off there. I only wish to say to those who use this event to gain political points to push their agenda, shame on them. It doesn’t matter if you are worth a billion dollars, and you can say whatever you want, all it shows is that you are not fit to run a country. Let me stop right there, this isn’t a political blog.

In honor of France, I am holding off on working on my album. For the past couple of days I have been working on a piece dedicated to France and the CSULB student, Nohemi Gonzalez, who was killed during the attacks. I hope to finish this piece in the next couple of days so I can get back to work on my album. 

I wish everyone affected by the attacks that they continue to hope and show courage through these tradgic events. Giving in to our fear and giving up our freedoms is the last thing we should be doing. Our freedom gives us strength and together, the whole world can work through this tragedy and start on the road to recovery. 


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