Life is Hard…

I have been meaning to write a post for weeks now. But everyday is the same thing. I intend to make a post, but I put it off until 1 am and I get tired so I decide to just put it off until tomorrow. I decided to bite the bullet at 12:15 am and just write a quick post.

I have some great ideas for my blog that I am really excited to get into. Some real great developments in my life and intellectual ideas and music and the such. I think I am going to move this blog more into the direction of a more personal blog. I don’t want to make this too professional because I am only have so much work to blog about in regards to scoring games and films and my album. I have my other ideas about music and just my stuff that I want to talk about, so I think I will keep this more personal. To I start another blog purely for my professional work? Hell no. I can barely keep up with one blog, let alone too. So for all things me, stay tuned. Or go to my twitter for live updates

Life is hard for many reasons. Mostly it’s because I am so busy I have no time to improve upon myself beyond the scope of music. Although it’s good that I am improving my musicianship and the such, I really wish I could learn another language, or learn to code. Those are thoughts for the summer though. How sad, second week of the semester and I am already thinking toward the summer. I would really love to be more active for this blog too, but I can’t. There aren’t enough hours of the day. I am happy to report, however, that I have been much more efficient in the hours I do have. I am getting way more done every day than compared to last semester, which is good.

Anyway, that’s all I have for today. I hope I can make a post every couple days. And hopefully one non-personal post every week where I analysis something, or talk about something. I’m not sure, I’m making this up as I go along. We will see how this cookie crumbles.


-Cameron J.


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