Minimalism in Popular Music

Yo fam. Please kill me if I ever say that again. Anyway, life is a lot less busy now because school is done so I actually have time to blog (although I don’t think anyone ever reads my blog[In fact I know thats the case because the stats on wordpress]). But yeah, I’m going to try and blog about something once a day. Not because I have to or really want to for that matter, but it makes me look like a big boy that does adult and artsy things like thoughts and stuff. But I sort of want to. Yeah I guess I want to.

Minimalism in popular music is my theme today. I have noticed a trend lately in pop music I say pop music as in stuff that isn’t classical per-se, but not necessarily “pop” music like stuff you here on the radio. Soundcloud underground shiz is what I am talking about. So I was listening to this song earlier this week:

And I thought to myself: “This is pretty minimalistic, like if Philip Glass wrote this it wouldn’t seem too out of place.” Looking at the description later I realized it is supposed to be used as a backing track for a rap. But it is a good track to listen to by itself. Considering it has 308k listens and 12.9k likes on soundcloud at the time of writing this, its fairly popular as well. The entire song is 2 and a half minutes of four chords with some ambience and hard to understand speaking in the background.

My point to all of this is that people actually enjoy minimalist music. 20 minutes of Two Pages is probably too much for the average listener to enjoy, but 2 minutes of it may seem like it could be enjoyable to most people. (NOTE: I hate elitism in music and I hate the fact that I may beĀ insinuating and encouraging elitism in music. I’m not, and I don’t want to encourage elitism at all.)

Another notable point: high art filtering down into pop art. That’s the point of the experimentation of “high art.” (again, I hate the idea that artist are better than the average person because elitism is stupid). I would like to think that the minimalist music of the mid-20th century has filter down into the pop music of today. That gives me hope, because as an artist it is important to know that maybe my experiments and contributions to music will one day filter down to pop music. It may come after I die but who cares. Art is about expanding horizons and leaving a legacy that will effect the world after you leave it. So seeing the high art of the past being implemented into the pop art of today is a great thing to see for the advancement of art so that the general public gets exposed to new, cool ideas. That’s why I’m a composer, and why I consider myself an artist.


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