TLR and Other Things

So I said I would blog everyday and you all thought I was so smart with my intelligent, thought provoking blog post yesterday but no more. I have no thoughts today so prepare for just no substance at all to my writing.

Regardless, to my surprise, someone actually looked at my blog post yesterday. One whole, hopefully real person. I got two likes from two different people as well, which was cool as well.


Don’t worry my non-existant fans, my first album The Long Road is still in the works, it is going to happen. Its just life sucks a fair bit and stuff gets in the way. I’m half way through the 6th piece. There is going to be 10 pieces in the album. The plan is once I finish all 10 pieces, I will put them all through Logic and make it sound pretty and then release it. No projected finish date, but my goal is to release it before the summer ends. So August 22nd is my due date. I’ll be gone for two weeks in July that I will not be able to work. Plus I’ll be gone for a week in Vegas with my girlfriend, so thats 3 of the 10 weeks left that I will not be able to work in the summer. Considering I have 4 pieces to complete, plus mixing, mastering, and publishing, I’ll give 5 weeks to complete the four pieces and a week or so to mix and publish everything. That means I will have to finish each piece in 1.25 weeks or about 9 days per piece if I want to finish in time. Thats doable. I can make a calendar, with a countdown clock so I know how many days I have left to finish each piece so I stay on track. Or I will ignore it completely and just put it off till the end of summer and feel absolutely terrible that I failed to release TLR within a year.

I have so many ideas for projects after I finish TLR. I have one idea for a whole new story based album, details I will disclose later, and I also have ideas for a bunch of smaller, self contained pieces that would be great to compile into it’s own album. An idea I had is to use some of my old and making them sound nice in Logic and re-releasing those pieces along with my new smaller pieces to get up to a full album size. Also, it will allow a faster release cycle compared to TLR, so I can push out a release sometime around the holidays 2016. And then I can start on my next narrative-based album. To be honest I am really excited to finish TLR and start on some other projects and start expanding my “published” works.

Anyway, there are more thoughts I have and honestly, I’m kinda lazy. Also I should save some stuff for tomorrow, so it’s not complete trash. Anyway, bye and stuff.


2 thoughts on “TLR and Other Things

  1. I think you’re doing fine with the blogging thing. Keep it up!

    Lazy insiders tip: when you get busy and don’t have time to write a coherent post, find someone else’s post that you like and re-post it with a note about why you’re sharing it.

    Good luck with the blog!

    Donna, a real* person
    (*individual results may vary)

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