Video Games, TLR, Other Things

Hey everyone, quick life update before I hit the hay.

I honestly had a good thought or something for a blog post while driving but that was 7 hours ago so I completely forgot. So I will instead talk about MORE boring life facts and stuff just to keep up my promise of doing a blog post everyday.

So planing out my completion schedule for The Long Road, I have figured out that I will be completely done with the album by mid-July, the day before I leave for CSU Summer Arts. THIS IS GREAT! This means I have a lot more time than I initially thought so if I fall behind it will not be the end of the world. That also means that I could possibly get lazy because I feel like I have a lot of extra time and I don’t end up finishing. But I don’t think that will happen. If I really buckle down and really try to squeeze out some music, I’m pretty sure I can get a piece out before the allotted 9 days. Which pushes me even farther ahead! So good stuff on that end.

More personal stuff right now. I am a huge Halo and shooter fan in general. I have been spending most of my gaming time this year with Fallout 4, but recently with Doom coming out and watching gameplay of that, I really wanted to play a hardcore shooter. I came so close to buying Doom but I quickly realized I’m a poor college student trying to save up for a new computer and a CSU Summer Arts Program thingy so money is something I don’t have. I then realized I can fill my shooter fix with Halo Master Chief Collection, so I spent an irresponsible amount of time playing Halo CE on Legendary today. Great fun, I really forgot just how good Halo campaign was. I have this whole beef with Halo multiplayer on their two newest games but thats a rant for a later time. Actually that’s a good idea for a blog post.

Anyway, sorry for the short update today. It’s currently 2am, I have to poop and have to get up early tomorrow to go to the Getty Villa. Thanks for reading and stuff.


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