TLR Update #3

Sorry for the lack of post lately. I have been busy recently, busy procrastinating! But regardless, good news. Track 7 is finished as of today, two full days ahead of schedule. It’s funny because 4 days ago I scrapped the original piece I was working on and went back to the drawing board and finished this piece in 4 days, and ahead of schedule. I sat down and really tried to push this won out. I had a very clear idea of where to go with “Piece #7.1” and maybe that’s why I finished it so quickly.

Is my strict 9 day schedule for each of these pieces forcing me to reduce the quality of my pieces? Maybe. The reasons I bring this up is because this piece is very short, barely making it over 2 minutes. I like the piece and I really think it is a completed piece that is up to par with the other tracks in the album. The 2 minutes is really out of place with the other 4+ minute pieces in the album. But I think 7.1 is a more fitting piece than 7. 7 wasn’t bad at all, I just felt like their wasn’t enough new content to keep the listeners. All the melodies were derivative of something else in the album and I also did that in 6. And also 7 was low energy, similar to piece 6 and I wanted a change of pace. Piece 7.1 fits that perfectly.

Piece 7.1 is almost entirely in 6/8 and is based around an entirely new melody to the album. I really tried to give a musical medley feel to this piece. It features melodies from previous pieces in 6/8 which gives it a really new twist to the melodies, but the main focus is this new melody.

Overall, I love piece 7 and I will feature part of it tomorrow on Instagram. Maybe Periscope? I have never used periscope so maybe that might be a good idea. I’ll do both, maybe. But definitely follow me on instagram @cameronjohnstonmusic. I have also thought about streaming me composing on twitch or something. Maybe that’s something I should save until after I finish my first album. But something you guys would want? Anyway. See you guys later.


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