Long Time No Post

It’s been a long time since I have posted. A really, really long time since I have posted. I have no good excuse, it’s because I was lazy. I can barely bring myself to write music everyday, let alone blog. And I am going on vacation tomorrow so I wont be able to post regularly for at least a week, and then school starts eight days later and I wont have any time then either! So accept the fact that I am going to post very irregularly pretty much forever.

Some big updates though. I am going to eventually build my own website on Squarespace or Wix or something like that. The reason being is I plan on selling sheet music of my compositions. I want to self-publish, because screw having publishers take my money, I will do the work all my self. I need a real website so I can properly sell my music, and also it will just look more professional. I will most likely keep this blog, have a redirect to my new site. And I will probably still blog here, just have more personal stuff here, as opposed to project related stuff.

And that’s about it, nothing really too big that I need to talk about. So yeah, stay tuned for more!


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