I will do a blog post every week, I promise this time.

For so long I want to post but I have just not had the opportunity to do so.

Finally I am going to say F it and I’m going to do a least one informative blog post a week, about something relevant. Whether it be about my life or music in general. Point is that its going to be about something.

Quickly though, I want to give a quick update about my projects. Firstly, my next album is in the works. I don’t want to reveal too much too soon (I’m going to try more secretive with my work) but I can tell you a couple things. Firstly, it isn’t going to be a concept album like The Long Road. It’s going to be just a collection of my recent pieces with some (hopefully) live performances. The only problem is that my work is so varied in the instrumentation it will be too expensive to have every piece preformed and recorded. But hopefully I can get at least one live. I will have a more clear release date once I finish more material. 

Secondly, I formed a new music ensemble with a few of my friends. The KYS Ensemble (Kreate Your Sound, not anything else) started as a joke but it formed into something really serious and we are all excited for the future of the group. We already had our first real public performance, just two weeks after forming. Also we premiered two of my pieces, which is also amazing. We are in the works trying to get a couple more gigs lined up in the coming weeks and months and are working to expand our set with new work. So I will share more information on that once I get it.

But anyway, just a quick update for thanksgiving. Hope you all enjoy your turkey day! 


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