Video Games, TLR, Other Things

Hey everyone, quick life update before I hit the hay. I honestly had a good thought or something for a blog post while driving but that was 7 hours ago so I completely forgot. So I will instead talk about MORE boring life facts and stuff just to keep up my promise of doing a […]

TLR and Other Things

So I said I would blog everyday and you all thought I was so smart with my intelligent, thought provoking blog post yesterday but no more. I have no thoughts today so prepare for just no substance at all to my writing. Regardless, to my surprise, someone actually looked at my blog post yesterday. One […]

Minimalism in Popular Music

Yo fam. Please kill me if I ever say that again. Anyway, life is a lot less busy now because school is done so I actually have time to blog (although I don’t think anyone ever reads my blog[In fact I know thats the case because the stats on wordpress]). But yeah, I’m going to […]

Music as an Art

What’s the first question you ask after listening to any piece of music the first time? “What was that song about?” We as a culture always strives to find the meaning in everything. That why the question of the meaning of life is asked in every culture around the world. We are obsessed with finding […]

Life is Hard…

I have been meaning to write a post for weeks now. But everyday is the same thing. I intend to make a post, but I put it off until 1 am and I get tired so I decide to just put it off until tomorrow. I decided to bite the bullet at 12:15 am and […]


I sit here sad, still, although 3 days have passed since the tragedy in Paris on 11/13/15. I realized today just how small our world truly is. A CSULB student was murdered during one of the shootings on Friday  in France. Although I never met her and even if she were still alive I still […]